“A radiating charisma, a fascinating voice: from Brazil, singer and multi-instrumentalist Thaïs presents a universe of Brazilian sounds with a touch of jazz and folk.”
Sedajazz Records, 2012 –

 “Surprise and passion for finding this Brazilian rarity!”
Musicoteca (Brazil) – 

“…Among so many voices, a pure diamond, different, special and captivating.”
Miriam Reyes Gimeno – Magazine 360 Grados –

“Listening to Thaïs Morell is like diving into a world of changing colors.
Within minutes she rips conventional Brazilian music into pieces
and keeps boredom at bay with her unpredictable music.”
Marta Ramon. L’Informatiu. Com – October 21, 2011 –
“Thaïs Morell presents the universe of her music”

“Thaïs Morell is an flawless and complete artist. South-Brazilian musician,
citizen of the world, a new musical discovery of today.”
Rubens de la Corte – Guitarist/Composer/Arranger (Angelique Kidjo)
São Paulo / NY –


Review Magazine B-Ritmos: (in Spanish)

Review Festival Godejazz:  (in Spanish)


We would sin of uninspired if we say that Thaïs is a citizen of the world. However, perhaps this is the best way to define this Brazilian musician from the culturally emergent Curitiba, which crossed the planet from north to south and from east to west, both spreading her art and knowledge, and diving into various cultures: she passed by Finland and Ghana, and settled in Spain for 7 years. In 2016 she returned to Brazil after accumulating fruitful personal and musical experiences, many kilometers traveled, and shows and workshops in more than 40 cities in Spain, Brazil, France, Italy, Uruguay, Finland, Ghana, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands and England.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist graduated in Music Education from Faculty of Arts of Paraná and Master in Music by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. With a radiant charisma and a fascinating voice, In 2012 she released her first album, “Cancioneira” (Sedajazz Records), and presented a universe of Brazilian sounds with touches of jazz and world-music, far from clichés. Three years later, surrounded once again by excellent musicians and professionals, Morell showed us her second recording adventure: “Amaralina” (Sedajazz Records, 2015). The album is a jewel that unfolds in 14 beautiful songs and multiple sonorities that go again beyond the Brazilian music mixed to jazz, presenting brushstrokes of world-music, reaffirming thus her seductive style and cosmopolitan musical personality.

Thaïs Morell belongs to a new generation of Brazilian musicians who have extensive training and ability to move with ease between various musical styles. With a stunning live show, at once intense and delicate, she mixes the jazzy chords of Bossa Nova with folklore and street rhythms from Brazil and elsewhere, achieving the most varied audiences. Standing out with a very rhythmic guitar, Thaïs plays with poise the roles of singer, guitarist and songwriter in a quintet formed by Ales Cesarini (electric and double-bass), Mariano Steimberg (drums/percussion), Alberto Palau (keyboard/piano) and Latino Blanco (flute/sax), remarkable musicians from the spanish jazz scene.LINHA HORIZONTAL fina

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