“A radiating charisma, a fascinating voice: from Brazil, singer and multi-instrumentalist Thaïs presents a universe of Brazilian sounds with a touch of jazz and folk.”
Sedajazz Records, 2012 –

 “Surprise and passion for finding this Brazilian rarity!”
Musicoteca (Brazil) – 

“…Among so many voices, a pure diamond, different, special and captivating.”
Miriam Reyes Gimeno – Magazine 360 Grados –

“Listening to Thaïs Morell is like diving into a world of changing colors.
Within minutes she rips conventional Brazilian music into pieces
and keeps boredom at bay with her unpredictable music.”
Marta Ramon. L’Informatiu. Com – October 21, 2011 –
“Thaïs Morell presents the universe of her music”

“Thaïs Morell is an flawless and complete artist. South-Brazilian musician,
citizen of the world, a new musical discovery of today.”
Rubens de la Corte – Guitarist/Composer/Arranger (Angelique Kidjo)
São Paulo / NY –


Review Magazine B-Ritmos: (in Spanish)

Review Festival Godejazz:  (in Spanish)


Surrounding herself once again by excellent musicians, Thaïs Morell, Brazilian singer and instrumentalist based in Valencia/Spain, presents her second album Amaralina (Sedajazz Records, 2015): a gem that unfolds in 14 beautiful songs, multiple sonorities that go beyond the joy and freshness of Brazilian music allied to jazz sophistication, also introducing elements of world music and modern music, thus reaffirming the seductive style and cosmopolitan musical personality that were already presented with her first album Cancioneira (Sedajazz Records, 2012).

Thaïs is an admirable representative of female musicians, we not so often see women with this inspiration and initiative. Performing with excellent musicians from Valencia and standing out on her own with a very rhythmic guitar, Thaïs plays with poise the roles of singer, guitarist and songwriter in her albums and live performances, and leads the public to experience a well-balanced mix of the “jazzy” chords of Bossa Nova together with the folklore and street rhythms of Brazil and elsewhere.

Born in Curitiba, Southern Brazil, Thaïs belongs to a new generation of Brazilian musicians who have extensive training and ability to move with ease between various musical styles. She is a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, playing the guitar, piano, fife (small bamboo flute), pandeiro and various percussion instruments.

Having studied music in Brazil, Finland, Ghana and Spain, Thaïs Morell came into contact with many different music styles of contemporary music, folklore of her country, and of other ethnicities and cultures, a background incorporated to her compositions and arrangements without prejudice and with an eternally open mind. She discovered the potential of her warm and perfectly toned voice, and sings what she likes, free in both form and style, featuring that characteristic sound of Brazil. Rhythms from all over the world appears on her albums, properly unbuildt, mixed with other rhythms, played with instruments others than the originals, adapted to Thaïs contemporary speech, with lyrics that verse about positiveness on the daily life of a cosmopolitan minded person in a real world.

Main live concerts: Festival de la Lusofonía Cantos na Maré 2016 (Pontevedra, Spain),Le Baiser Salé (Paris, France), Festival Virada Cultural Paulista (Brazil), La Bellevilloise (Paris, France), Festival de Jazz de Cádiz, (Cádiz, Spain), Festival de Música y Danza de Granada (Granada,Spain), Festival Polisònic (Gandia,Spain), Semana de Jazz de la Laguna (Tenerife,Spain),Film Festival Montjuïc and Festival Brazilian Day (Barcelona, Spain), Round of World-Music of Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain), Circuit of Jazz IVAM, with Ximo Tébar, Godejazz Festival (Godella, Spain), Botanical Garden Jazz Festival, Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar, (Valencia,Spain ), among others.

Voice and music theory teacher at Sedajazz Escuela (; Thaïs has offered Samba and/or Bossa-Nova Vocal Workshops in Finland (Helsinki), Belgium (Antwerpen), Estonia (Saüe), Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid) and Ghana (Accra). As a singer of Bossa-Nova and other Brazilian styles she performed in various european festivals: Art Goes Kapakka Festival (Helsinki, Finland), Festival de Jazz de Peñíscola (Peñíscola, Spain), Pori Jazz Festival (Pori, Finland), Visioon Jazz Festival (Sauë, Estonia), PargiBossa Festival (Talina, Estonia), Festival de Jazz IVAM (Valencia, Spain), Ciclo de World-Music Centro Cultural Carmen (Valencia, Spain), Ronnie Scott’s Bar (London, Inglaterra), Alliance Française d’Accra (Accra, Ghana).


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